roll pass design calculation for structural mills

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Having experience of more than 30 years, we specialize in Roll Pass Design for all types of steel sections from small bar mills to structural mills. We also provide consultancy & training in the field of selection of rolls, turning and roll welding.

roll pass design of section mills

Steel rolling mill by Bascotecnia Steel. Bascotecnia Steel is a manufacturer of complete rolling mill equipment and provides rolling mill solutions such as flexible rolling mill designs, efficient plants, studies the most suitable roll pass design, manufactures low ...

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It is in the vertical forming driven fin pass rolls that the tube is prepared for welding. The correct roll design will consider the welder type as well as the physical and metallurgical properties of the product. Some issues addressed in fin roll design are as follows: Strip Edge Conditioning:

(PDF) Automated Procedure for Roll Pass Design

Automated Procedure for Roll Pass Design. ... and/or the mill load (roll force, torque, power). Lateral ... For more accurate engineering calculations, roll speed was calculated for continuous ...

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The primary job of the fin section on any tube or pipe mill is to prepare the edges of the strip (parallel) for welding, and set the body of the tube. The only way this will take place, is if we properly set (work) each and every driven and side pass station in the fin section as per the tooling design and set up chart.


Reduction is carried out at several roll stands. A tandem mill used for the purpose. The design of roll pass is extremely complex and lot of experience is required for the purpose. The contoured rolls will have half the shape of the section on each roll pairs. When assembled in the mill …

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Roll Pass Design for Round Bars G. Perotti (I), N. Kapaj; Dipartimento di Tecnologia e Sistemi di Produzione, Politecnico di Torino/ltaly Received on January 8,1990 In the paper a general computer approach strategy concerning the roll pass design for round bars is presented.

HOT ROLLING PRACTICE – An Attempted Recollection

structural sections (beam, channel, joist, rails, etc). The initial breakdown of ingots into blooms and ... table for handling the pieces emerging out of the roll. The table in front of the rolls forces the steel ... and if the rolls are grooved it is shaped according to the groove design. Hot rolling permits large deformations of the metal to ...

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A tandem mill is a special type of modern rolling mill where rolling is done in one pass. In a traditional rolling mill rolling is done in several passes, but in tandem mill there are several stands (>=2 stands) and reductions take place successively. The number of stands ranges from 2 to 18.

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the roll. In traditional English units, the total power can be expressed as Power (in hp) = 5.13 Where F is in pounds and L is in feet. Example: A 300-mm-wide strip 25-mm thick is fed through a rolling mill with two powered rolls each of radius = 250 mm. The work thickness is to be reduced to 22 mm in one pass at a roll speed of 50 rev/min.

(PDF) Methodology for Calculation of Rolling Load and ...

Methodology for Calculation of Rolling Load and Forces Acting On Herringbone Gear Using Hot Rolling Theory

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Angle of Bite in degrees with reference to speed of mill. rolling mill pass design calculation Rolling is a major and a most widely used mechanical working. Rolls being the costliest consumable in the mill. I have tried to give an idea that what pass designing actually is. hot rolling mill pass design pdf ... Inc, USA for roll pass design and ...

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roll bite and in a typical Cold Tandem Mill, work roll temperatures normally fall in the ... in relation to the roll centre datums and pass-line (X-Y coordinates) so that impingement angles and impact ... intensity across the width with optimum coolant coverage around the roll circumference. Such a design assures efficient control of thermal ...

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This book discusses as well the different types of rolls for various rolling mills, including blooming, plate, sheet, sheet bar, small section, heavy product, skin passing, and cold rolling mills. The final chapter explains the purpose of roll pass design to ensure the maximum output at minimum cost as well as to reduce the roll wear to a minimum.

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Mar 27, 2003· The 10-pass example should be fine if you're running non-notched, postcut mild steel. If the section is notched, precut, or high-strength material, you'll need more passes to achieve desired results. Additional passes allow the material to flow through the mill with less strain. Design the Layout and Roll Tooling


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Mar 09, 2018· Watch how an optimum roll pass design leads to the distribution of loads across rolls, ensuring better rolling quality and reduction in specific power consumption. United Nations Development ...

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Dec 22, 2012· Online roll pass design software for rolling mills and wire rod blocks. roll pass design software for roll pass designers, … power and force calculation should be performed to check whether the mill … »More detailed

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WICON - The versatile tool for long products rolling simulation, optimization, process design and product quality. Take total control of your process today. Software - Service - Training.

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Roll Pass Designs projects typically follow the following timeline: Development of detailed groove drawings, roll barrel layouts, roll stress calculations, rolling power, torque and separating force predictions, and roller set-up sheets. Design review and training sessions with mill personnel